TREMBLAGE XV Birthday Edition

kr 798 000

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To mark the 15th birthday of the manufactory, Moritz Grossmann once again pays homage to a historic engraving technique: the dial of the unique TREMBLAGE XV Birthday Edition has been finished using the tremblage engraving technique. This is a handed-down technique where the engraver runs a burin over the metal using tiny back-and-forth movements. And this is what gave the technique its name: the French word ‘tremblant’ simply means ‘to tremble’. However, it requires, as described in an antique book about the art of engraving dated 1921, ‘a good deal of practise to be able to do it evenly’. 

Only absolute evenness can create the look that makes the dial of this anniversary watch so expressive: with a rough, matt surface that catches the light, giving rise to a soft shimmer. The use of German silver also adds to this with its warm shade. 

International Retail Price: € 65.000 (excl. tax)


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