Junge & Co. are proud to introduce Ollech & Wajs

As an authorized dealer of watches from independent brands, Junge & Co. offers exclusive timepieces that represent individuality and uniqueness.

Both in their expression and availability, our watches are special and meant for people that are craving something else – something that is not for everyone. Ollech & Wajs fits our profile perfectly. Since 1956, O&W have been supplying watches for divers, pilots and the army. They produce only around 1000 pieces every year, and have a rich history providing great tool watches to those that need something robust and durable. It is also with great joy that we finally introduce proper tool watches to our clients. The one thing that was missing from our exceptional line up of indie-brands.

Founded in 1956, Ollech & Wajs Zurich started off as a watch retailer, before beginning to manufacture their own watches in 1957. In 1964, they broke ground (and water) by introducing the OW Caribbean 1000 Precision, the first watch that was 1000 meter water resistant,  700 meters more than Omega and Rolex at the time. Because of their technical supremacy, O&W became an unofficial supplier of timepieces to the Vietnam conflict, providing over 10.000 watches every year to US troops. The Navichron, launched in 1965, was one of the first chronographs with a 200M depth rating. Moving forward, Ollech & Wajs teamed up with explorers, divers and artists, creating a rich inheritance of ambassadors and great new models.

In 2017, Albert Wajs sold the company to Charles Le Menestrel, a long time O&W-collector, to keep the company going in the right direction while honoring their great legacy. Since then, they have focused on keeping all the relevant models alive, but also developing the watches further and staying relevant for the current market.

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