Junge & Co. and Acenta Group Unite: Elevating Padel Enthusiasm Globally

Junge & Co. is thrilled to announce a dynamic partnership with Acenta Group, the creative minds behind Acenta House of Padel and the Acenta Padel Tour. This collaboration signifies a fusion of craftsmanship and padel passion, creating waves in the sporting and lifestyle spheres.

About Acenta Group

Founded by devoted padel enthusiasts, Acenta Group is on a mission to spread the sport globally. Operating in six pivotal areas – Courts, Brands, Players, Tour, Tech, and Store – Acenta Group stands out as a unique force in the world of padel. Guided by CEO Håkan Tollefsen, their commitment to the sport is evident in their expansive influence across Scandinavia, Europe, Asia, and the US.

Global Reach

Acenta Group’s love for padel transcends borders, spanning Scandinavia, Europe, Asia, and the US. Their expansive mindset showcases a commitment to making padel a global phenomenon, echoing Junge & Co.’s dedication to reaching watch enthusiasts worldwide.

The Acenta Padel Tour

Central to this partnership is the Acenta Padel Tour, an electrifying competition that brings together some of the best padel talents. This tour is not merely about competition; it’s a celebration of the sport and an invitation for the global padel community to unite, learn, and grow.

Junge & Co. – Crafting Excellence

At Junge & Co., where watchmaking magic meets Norwegian flair, we are excited to align with Acenta Group’s vision. Our commitment to integrity, originality, and customer trust resonates seamlessly with Acenta Group’s values. Together, we aim to elevate the padel experience globally and redefine the boundaries of passion, sportsmanship, and innovation.
Join Us on the Journey
As we embark on this thrilling journey with Acenta Group, we invite our valued clients and enthusiasts to be a part of the excitement. Stay tuned for exclusive events, promotions, and experiences that fuse the artistry of watchmaking with the exhilaration of padel.


The collaboration between Junge & Co. and Acenta Group marks a turning point in the worlds of padel and watchmaking. Together, we aim to create a harmonious blend of passion, craftsmanship, and community spirit. Join us as we celebrate the spirit of padel, uniting enthusiasts and creating unforgettable moments on and off the court.