Claim Your Independence at Fornebu Hovedgård

At Junge & Co., we’re not just selling watches; we’re offering a distinctive experience for true watch enthusiasts. Our passion for watches and the desire to stand out from the crowd led us to create a concept that celebrates independent watch brands. Our tagline, “Claim your independence,” encapsulates our dedication to offering watches that are as unique and individual as the wearers themselves.

Fornebu Hovedgård: A Unique Venue for Timepiece Exploration

Nestled just a brief 10-minute drive from Oslo lies Fornebu Hovedgård, a historic landmark that serves as the backdrop to our extraordinary showroom. This carefully chosen location isn’t just a venue – it’s an experience. It provides the ideal setting to immerse yourself in the world of exquisite watches from independent brands. At Fornebu Hovedgård, watch events come alive, and the rich history of the location adds another layer of significance to the watches we showcase.A World of Independent Watch BrandsEach brand we feature at Junge & Co. has been handpicked to offer something exceptional:

Top Ten Timepieces to Elevate Your Collection

The realm of high-end timepieces beckons this festive season, and as the holidays draw near, the quest for exclusive luxury takes center stage. Here’s an insight into the top ten watches that redefine sophistication and prestige.

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