A Watch Enthusiast's Unexpected Journey with Gorilla Espionage

At Junge & Co., we’ve had the pleasure of hosting many watch enthusiasts in our Fornebu Hovedgård showroom. However, every so often, a customer’s journey takes an unexpected turn, and that’s precisely the case with Erlend Osnes, a Norwegian comedian and watch aficionado.

Erlend begins his tale with a humorous twist, stating, “This was by no means my cup of tea, not even with milk and sugar. I don’t even drink tea. What do I need something that looks like a ‘mechanical pulse watch’ for?” It’s a delightful introduction to a story that eventually takes a turn towards a newfound appreciation.But then, as is often the case with us watch enthusiasts, curiosity gets the better of us. Erlend decided to put on the watch, and that’s when the transformation began. Suddenly, he found himself reveling in the comfort, stability, and quality that the watch offered. He couldn’t help but notice the sheer quality of the materials – ceramics and carbon – that made up this remarkable timepiece. The finishing details quickly signaled that this watch was in a league of its own. The open heart of the watch spoke volumes about the vision of a true watch nerd.

Erlend goes on to describe the watch’s dial with its softly glowing numerals and the mesmerizing mechanics on display. But what truly captured his attention was the name, “Gorilla.” It might seem unconventional for a Swiss-made timepiece, yet it held a certain allure. After all, what’s wrong with a gorilla? It embodies strength, elegance, toughness, and the calm demeanor of a gentle giant. A gorilla doesn’t explode or lose its cool without reason – qualities Erlend couldn’t help but admire.

And then there’s the model name, “ESPIONAGE.” For Erlend, this name harked back to his childhood dreams of becoming a secret agent. The allure of living out that fantasy was undeniable.

As he reflects on the practicality of the watch, Erlend sees it as the perfect companion for casual days in jeans and a hoodie, whether you’re soaking up the sun, swimming in the sea or pool, or even when you’re hitting the gym.

In the end, Erlend surprises himself by concluding that this watch does fill a gap in his collection, prompting him to bring it home to join the others. He humorously muses, “I’m not sure if it makes me more of a gorilla, but at least I have one. And that’s something.

“Erlend Osnes’ unexpected journey with the Gorilla Espionage watch serves as a reminder that sometimes the most remarkable discoveries happen when you step outside your comfort zone. It’s a testament to the world of watch enthusiasts and how a single timepiece can change your perspective.

We’re grateful to Erlend for sharing his experience and for choosing Junge & Co. as his destination for horological exploration. His journey is a testament to the allure and fascination of the world of watches.

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